never find another quite like him

Posted in people I love, TKM Jr. by Tanae' A. on October 22, 2007

Every single time my phone rings and I see those 10 digits I know that this is either going to make me really happy or really mad. Of course, I never know until I actually pick up the phone. Thats how it is with Troy. I love him to death and I cant stand him. I get smart with him and tell him that I love him all in the same breath because its just that crazy between us. There are a thousand reasons why I love him and thousand and one reasons why I hate him. He is always there for me. He absolutely adores me. He plucks me nerves on purpose. He’s mushy and sensitive and has feelings deep enough to drown in. He is honest and to the point and he is also a headache waiting to happen. He knows the right buttons to piss me off and he knows what to say to put a smile on my face. He has managed to get in good with my mother and I hate it because now she actually takes up for him when we fight. He talks about me and my choice of music. He laughs at the way I talk. He gets mad when I dont tell him every little thing. He tries to keep tabs on me and I have no idea why. He is really a huge pain but for some reason with out him I wouldn’t really feel like myself. If my phone didn’t ring every couple days to his stupidity then I would really feel lost a lil bit. I guess over the years, I have gotten so used to him being around. He is like the only constant thing in my life and without him I would just be forced to find someone else to take his place. He means the world to me but please believe that he is replaceable. He holds no special place in my heart and sometimes I dont even care but for the most part he matters and I want him in my life. There’s nothing abaolutely special or amazing about him… he’s just here. Kinda taking up space and making my days either ten times better or ten times worse. But either way, he’s who he is and there is no changing him.

~I think my Bing will be next… or possibly his mother~


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