…if only i could stop time

Posted in clothes, cold, winter by Tanae' A. on October 16, 2007

i hate the cold, and the wind, and snow, and the rain [except for summer rain, that is absolutely beautiful]. I hate gloves and scarves and hats and long sleeved shirts. I hate long johns and leggings and ear muffs and boots. I hate coats and having to wear 3 pairs of socks. I hate cleaning off the car and shoveling the side walk. Plain and simple…I HATE WINTER!! It is the absolute worst part of the entire year and it is on its way back again just to humiliate me for a while.

Now, in preparation for the freezing cold weather I have to go down in the basement and carry up the big containers that I put all my winter clothes in. I have to pull out all my coats and put away all my flip flops. I have to buy some new long johns and a few long sleeved shirts. I have to get a new pair of ear warmers and a personal heater would be good too. I just dont want to go thru all this mess.

I want to stop time right where it is. It’s not warm out but God knows that I can surely deal with this little nippiness rather than the treacherous cold that comes in the next month. I just dont want it to get cold. I dont want it to snow. I dont want to deal with all the unnecessary things. I dont want to have to make hot cocoa first thing in the morning. And I dont want to have to put the extra blanket on my bed. I dont want to not be able to sit outside when I get tired of sitting in the house. I dont want to not be able to go for a walk or just hang outside with the peoples. I just want to stay right here in this weather until the spring comes again.

Lord Jesus I pray that we dont get any snow or really cold weather this year. Please just let it stay above 55 degrees at all times and if you would just put a lil stop to the wind that likes to abuse my face on most days. Please, God, just be a lil sympathetic and hold back all the sleet and the rain… as a matter of fact just put a stop to all precipitation until summer comes back around. Thank you soo soo much…