praize while i pray

Posted in celebrations, G-D, issues, life && death, prayer, [Y.R.P] by Tanae' A. on October 12, 2007

In the email that Tyler sent he said that you have to speak things as tho they already are. You have to speak life to a dead situation, you have to speak victory in everything that you do in order to be victorious. I say all the time that I am more than a conqueror but conquerors dont have a defeatus attitude. A conqueror knows that they going to come out on top before they even go into it. Thats what I have to do. I have to speak life in every situation. Things aint going right at home but I encourage myself and I continue to pray my way thru and as I pray a few more will start to pray. And then as you pray you praise. You see what happens when you praise is, you fight off the demons, you fight off everything that’s coming at you. When you praise, satan has no choice but to back up, so with every hallelujah that comes out of your mouth the devil is taking a step back and he has no say so in your situation. You praise not because everything is peachy cream but you worship God  because you know that when you come out of whatever it is that you in you are going to come out better than you were when you went in. You know already that no matter how hard things get you gonna come out on top because you serve a God thats high up. So I’m praising while I’m praying. Praying for God to work thru the hearts of my loved ones, praying that God strengthen and build up a few lovely ladies that find themselves in sadness over an angel taken from this earth, praying for a mother that feels like nothing she does is good enough, praying for a mother who gets tired but still presses her way thru, praying for a man that is on a plane as we speak to venture off to a better life, praying for a brother who is one day closer to his death because of a disease that has taken complete control of his entire body, praying for a friend that doesn’t even realize that a bottle of alcohol is taking over her life, praying for a daughter who feels like her own mother doesn’t love her and only wants to be embraced by the woman that gave her life, praying for a scared young man that is too afraid to grow up and be something, praying for a dude that is away from family and friends and doesn’t know how to apologize for hurting the ones he loves the most, praying for a guy who put his heart on the same line over and over again only to have it stomped on and played with by some girl who is too scared to give into love, praying for people that go out and do all that they can to better themselves and their communities not because they get a pat on the back but because no one else will take the stand, praying for a young girl stuck between what her heart says is right and what her mind says is wrong, praying for a young man who has hurt so many people because he has been hurt so much by life and its circumstances… im praying. I’m praying. Even while I am praying I’m believing that God is going to do great things. Everything that is working against me right now is going to turn around and bless me real good. Everything that they say is impossible I know will come to pass because I have that much trust in God to know that a promise is a promise and he aint a man so he cant lie. I know that when God says he’s going to do something he’s going to do it and it may not happen on my time but its going to happen at the right time. I know that I am destined for greatness and not a devil in hell can stand in the way of what God is going to do… so yeah, I’m praying and even while I’m praying I’m giving Him the praise that he is due, not just for what he has already done but for what hasn’t even come to pass yet. Praising him for what he bout to do, what he bout to bring me to, what he bout to bring me thru, and what he bout to do in me!!


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