some light at the end of this tunnel

Posted in Uncategorized by Tanae' A. on October 11, 2007

So, this week has been a rough one. Not really rough as far as things that I have had to deal with but it seemed to tire me out a lot. The end of the week is fast approaching and I am super excited for this to be over with. Tomorrow is the last day of driving school… YaY!! Although I have to put out a lot of money, I am so excited to be over it and on to the next best thing. It was a journey and an experience in and of itself but I was blessed to be in a drama filled class that kept my attention!! LoL!! Tomorrow also is the day that Why Did I Get Married comes out in theaters and although I am not going tomorrow, I am still excited for the millions of people that will fill into the movies to see this great film. And I am secretly upset with the people that got to see it early!! I will be in there as soon as you can say Saturday and I may even go back on Sunday to see it again because I know that it is going to be ‘that good’. Tomorrow is also a day for the girls… it has been a long week for us all and with all the craziness of school, work, and other things we have not been able to bond as much as we usually do. So tomorrow night we are going all out and we are going to enjoy ourselves¬†in each others company [and I am so excited about the dinner we are going to cook once we get there… I can taste the goodness already!! LoL!!] Tomorrow also is going to be a sad day because my favorite uncle in the whole wide world is leaving to go half way across the country and I wont be able to see him. Of course, I can hop on a plane at any time and go to see him but it wont be the same as him being in Baltimore. I love my G~man to death and nothing is better than him!! Monday, as you all should know, was Columbus day [HebHeb wrote a very interesting blog about that by the way…swing by and check it out when you get a chance] so I sat in the house with my mind set on doing some major things in my room. So, thats what I did. I woke up bright and early [a lil too early for a day off] and I started pulling and pushing furniture all around my lil whole in the wall. I cleaned and vacuumed and started throwing some stuff away. Then, I had to go to WalMart to go hunting!! LoL! I got there with my brother and we were looking all around and then we saw it. Well, I saw it, he just walked right by it. It was my long lost computer desk at the right size and the right price. Needless to say I had to sacrifice in order to get it so I very sadly put back the 2 of the 3 pairs of toe sox that I got and my breakfast sandwiches, AND my heating pad, AND THE CUTEST SHIRT THAT I HAVE EVER SEEN!!! But I was not complaining. I got home went to driving school and then I came back and did the unthinkable. I put together the whole darn thing all by myself!! I was screwing nails and hammering stuff in and putting big ol pieces of wood together and finally it actually stood up on its own and I was sooo frickin excited. [okay, Shay did have to help me hold it up a lil bit… but i did all the hardwork and used all the tools necessary!!] Well anyways… yesterday calling out of work [because i wasn’t feeling to well :)] and I cleaned up, washed all my clothes, moved some more stuff around and decided against pulling out my winter clothes. And what happened this morning?? IT WAS FREEZING COLD OUTSIDE AND I HAD ON A LIL TEENY HOODIE THAT IS LIKE SUPER THIN… WHAT WAS I THINKIN. So this weekend I will be sporting my winter coat and I dont care how stupid I look, cold is cold.

So tomorrow also is the day that I will be officially finished in my room… well not quite, there are still a lot more that has to be done. But im done for now or at least til I find a bed, dresser, and wall mounted tv stand. that will be the day.

And tomorrow also is a day closer to Sunday. I had a talk with my lil sister Mo the other day and gave her some advice on things that I think she should do differently so I just wanna see what she does. I’m not going to say anything to her, I’m just gonna watch and see if she actually listens to what I say. I think she’ll do the right thing and if she doesn’t… I’ll have to make the decision for her. There are somethings she needs to realize tho.. and number one is.. People are always watching you, so dont give them anything negative to look at.

Well, I have one more day so let me act like I know and get something done before 4:30 hits… I’ll def be writing tomorrow cause I’ll be super excited to see Friday. [oh, i am getting a new phone… Yay!!] and I have something to share with you all… its a message from Tyler Perry and it really touched me today… it came right on time and I’m hoping that it will touch you all too..

 [the wack chick calls me] Tink~Boo

pay attention to the warning signs

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there was a shooting in Ohio. a kid that was suspended went to the school yesterday and shot four people before killing himself and yet again, there were warning signs. he told them what he was going to do, they complained but nothing was done. no one had time to do anything to prevent things from happening. did they think he was bluffing? well, they should’ve have known by now that anything is possible. anybody can walk up into any school, workplace or building and cause havoc. what used to be ubsurd and unheard of us becoming way too common in the world in which we live… so what do we do about it?? this could have been prevented. everything can be prevented if we do something. if people would stop being “too busy” can start caring than the down fall of a generation can be prevented. just like the principal of that school was too pre-occupied to do anything, most of us in our communities are too pre-occupied to do anything. but when it hits close to home then we cry for help. when its our own children that are in danger, then we wanna protest and do something and have a fit. look around you… there are warning signs. So, do we wait til its too late or do we do something to prevent it??

this is more than just another school shooting…