living for me

Posted in decisions, determination, fed-up, frustrations by Tanae' A. on October 9, 2007

I am so tired of young, immature, fake, phony, half-steppin people. I am tired of people thinking that they can get away with dirt when they only setting themselves up to be caught. I am tired of people and their juvenile behaviors. I am tired of people saying they are going to do something and not doing it. I am tired of people taking their frustrations and stresses out on everyone around them. But most of all I am tired of people that smile in my face and try to do me harm behind my back. This is life people, life is meant for living. So when are people going to really start living?? People seem to be so focused on Tanae’ and what she is doing that they never worry about themselves. People so worried about making sure I know that they dont like me or going out of their way to mugg me or steppin in my face to speak to me and then tell ya homegirl that you dont like me loud enough for me to hear. What the hell is the point?? I mean really, you hating on me because I’m doing something that you couldn’t do on your own. Well, get over it. You mad cause YOU THINK i got something that you want… and i’m laughing at you in your face cause you assuming for no reason at all. People sneaking around trying to do their dirt in all the wrong places… there’s a time and a place for everything and its time that something be said about behavior that is going on. People look at the behavior of people around them and they never stop to correct it… but instead they settle for talking about those people behind their backs when that aint the way to go. When you see something broken YOU FIX IT… you  dont just watch it collapse and fall. People all around me are looking out for self. No one is worried about the people around them. We walk past people and we talk about them and then wonder why no one helps us when we are at our lowest points. I’m through. I’m done worrying about other people, I’m done caring what people think. If you dont like me than you know what, thats your problem not mine. I could care less what you think of me… go ahead and talk about me and disrespect me and do what ever you feel in your lil heart to do. And watch me smile in your face and hug you when I see you and offer you a helping hand whenever you need it and then we’ll see who is really mad. Because there is really no point in hating me over things that you cannot control. Get your life together please. If life to you is all about me and what I am doing than you are not really living. Glad I inspire you and have that big of an impact on your life but its really about that time for you to grow up. Start looking at the bigger picture. Start living like tomorrow aint coming… and STOP PISSING ME OFF!! LoL!! Really man, people are really starting to get to me and its a bunch of things at once. All these people are coming at me all at once I feel like I am being attached by all of them. Well I’m tired of fighting… I’m tired of helping and I’m tired of hurting. Go ahead and do what you do, go where you wanna go, live how you wanna live, mug me if you want, dont speak if you dont feel like it, continue to hate and talk about me, please continue to smile in my face, continue to ignore what I say so that you can get caught up, continue to take your frustrations out on me, continue to be immature and young… please please, continue on with your antics and when you finish look the hell around and see how much of life you’ve really missed being dumb.

I’m just gonna live my life for me… how bout it??

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