the brightness of a smile

Posted in Uncategorized by Tanae' A. on October 5, 2007

Yesterday had to be the most terrible day of the entire week. I was upset frustrated mad and disappointed and I really let my situation get the best of me. I mean, from 9am til exactly4:43pm I was just havingĀ a bad bad day. But they always say that there’s light at the end of the tunnel. As I was sitting in the office upstairs bored to death, I remembered that I had to call my big sis and wish her a happy birthday. Now, I haven’t talked to her in like forever and a year so I really didn’t expect her to pick up the phone. She’s a busy woman so I was preparing myself to leave a nice lil message just to let her know that I had not forgot her birthday. But, on the third ring, just as I was about to hang up the phone she answered.

Let me state for the record that for some reason everytime I call this woman she knows its me and she never ever has my number programmed in her phone. Maybe its my voice or maybe its the fact that I’m the only person that shouts in the phone and over excited hello.. who knows. But, I said hi how are you and she paused. For like two seconds she just stopped and said.. “Is this Tanae’?” So of course I’m like yeah but she kinda said it in a weird way so I’m automatically thinking like oookkkaaayyy…. Then she made me smile. She said that she had been thinking about me and she wanted to call me but she didn’t have my number and just as she was thinking about me, I called her. It made me feel good just to know that I was being thought about. I said happy birthday and she felt special cause I remembered, I talked to the girls for a few minutes and then we said our goodbyes and hung up. And, right then I realized that no matter what happens during my day, no matter what goes wrong or what doesn’t go right, there’s always a reason to smile. There’s always a reason to be happy and to hold me head up even when the little things are pissing me off really bad. I got to driving school and we geeked the whole time. The class flew right by because for once I wasn’t thinking about how boring it was or how much I didn’t want to be there or how corny the effin teacher is. But, I was sitting there laughing at all his lil jokes and actually talking to people [and about people] and I was enjoying my three long hours in that too crowded class room.

I am sooo excited that my BingBing is turning one tomorrow… I cant believe that he has gotten soo big!! Yesterday I taught him how to walk up the stairs by hisself and he was so excited when he got to the top that he wanted to start all the way from the beginning. At first I was like no cause I didn’t think he could climb up ALL the steps by hisself but he surprised the heck outta me and did it like 3 times after that!! I love him so much… he is my joy and my smile. Even on bad days I can still come home and know that I find a little happiness in his smile and his lil bad ways!! LoL!! I love him more than life.