when complaining isn’t enough

Posted in blessings, complaining, decisions, frustrations, G-D, issues, right vs. wrong by Tanae' A. on October 4, 2007

I realized the other day, as I was going thru some of my posts, that I complain a lot. Either something is wrong or something is just not quit right or something could be better. Life is not perfect, there are days that nothing will go right and a few where nothing will go wrong. I complain because I chose to… I chose to whine about the issues that I have and then I do something about it. There’s always something that can be done to make something wrong right but sometimes we cant always take full control over the entire situation. Like I said, I complain because I chose to. Some days I do it because I want to vent, somedays I do it because I have nothing better to do, but other times I do it because I feel that its what I have to do at the time. I complain in order to get the results that think are appropriate and when I dont get them I complain because nothing has been done. I complain because I walk away feeling like my complaining was in vain and often times I feel like my complaining was not enough. I was always told to take control of my own situation. I was always told to do what is best at all times. And I was always told not to dig the whole that I am standing in… I think I have totally ignored all three of those little lessons in the past week. I can’t possibly take control of my own situation when its not just involving me and its WAY bigger than I am, I’ve done my part and now I no longer have a say so in it. I thought that what I was doing was the best way to handle things but apparently I was wrong. My way of doing things didn’t agree with other people’s ways so my opinion got swept under the carpet and I am upset about it. Will I get over it?? In time I will, I just never thought that I would be faced with something like this and it has kinda put me on edge a lot. Sure, I can joke about it and laugh it off but reality is that right now I am not okay and I everything is not peachy cream and I really have an attitude with everyone who made things seem like they weren’t as important as they were. And that’s my complaining for the day.

P.S. The last time I heard the words “no news is always good news” I was severly disappointed and I unfortunately heard those words again yesterday evening from my sister. We were hoping that a financial blessing would come our way and help both of us tremendously but we were forced to wait a while for an outcome. The moment she said that, I kinda knew in the pit of my stomach that things weren’t going to come thru but I still wanted to positive and all. So this morning she calls me and lets me know that we were not approved… and I wasn’t upset at all. Sure, I wish I could get it but God will make a way when we least expect it. Maybe if she would take time out to actually PRAY then He will make a way for her. Who knows… I just know that I will NEVER speak those words about anything cause I really do hate them… with a passion.