It’s been a month already

Posted in R.I.P Brielle by Tanae' A. on October 3, 2007

It has been a month since the accident and I still cant even believe that this has happened. Never in my life have I met someone that has impacted so many lives. Never have I seen someone so young and vibrant leave a positive mark on so many people. Brielle was such a wonderful person and I feel so blessed to have even known her. When I think about her and her life I cant help but to smile. I can no longer be sad because I know that she lived a wonderful 19 years on this earth. She touched so many people and I cant even begin to count the people that will forever carry on her legacy. I know that she is watching over everyone. Those closest to her can rest in the fact that she is now somewhere in the heavens blessing the angels with her awesome spirit. Even tho it’s still hard to believe, and even tho it still sometimes saddens me, I know that she is finally where she belongs and she is happy and she is free… She was a beautiful person, her memory lives on forever and she is truely missed by so many people.

RIP Brielle, I know that angels like you are truely meant to fly!!

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