I’m going home, to a place where I belong…

Posted in blessings, church, G-D, Shiloh by Tanae' A. on October 1, 2007

Yesterday morning, I got up, ate breakfast and sat around with my sister and brother watching Tye on Bobby Jones Gospel. Around quarter to 9 my mom calls me and tells me that she wants to go to Empowerment Temple. At first, I told her that I wasn’t really feeling it but eventually she persuaded me and I was on my way up the stairs to get dressed. By the time 10:30 hit we were out the house and making our way rapidly to 695. We drove pedal to the metal for exactly 17 minutes and then we realized we were lost. We asked some good people in the car next to us for directions and ten minutes later we found ourselves on the parking lot. After searching for a parking spot we finally got some good seats and were patiently waiting for service to start. Uuummm… they got some true prayzaz in that house. People that dont have to be pushed into praise, people that just are anxious to give G-d the glory that He is due. It was every man for himself and I was surprised that I actually felt comfortable in that setting. We got two sermons before the sermon and I aint mad at all!! LoL!! One thing that was said, however, that really is sitting in my spirit is this… “G-d is going to do some things in the next 90 days to make up for all the stuff you went thru in the past 9 months” That right there was like the icing on the cake for me… and trust me when I say, the cake was great!!! In the first hour that we were there I got my blessing and I was ready to go. A man from another state somewhere ended up preaching and his sermon was pretty good. We left after he was done and we got lost on the way back, of course. We finally made our way down to my NaNa’s house to eat some food and then we went home to chill out. But reality is, even after getting the blessing that I got, the confirmation, and the good service, I still missed home. I still wanted to step thru the doors of Shiloh and sit down on a purple pew. I still wanted to be amongst home folk and worship in that small place that I find comfort. I would much rather drive the seven minutes to Sycamore Ave… that just lets me know that I am where I need to be. I dont know how many times in the past 9 months I have threatened to leave Shiloh and the funny thing is, everyone knew I was just talking smack. Shiloh is home… and just like Pastor said, the next ninety days will make up for the past nine months…. And I got a “Right Now” Prayze…

Yall, driving school starts today and I am going to be going all by my lonesome cause Jessa couldn’t sign up for this class. I am secretly a lil bit upset that I have to go by myself and I am really praying that I see someone, anyone, that I know in here…


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