I have been bad this week…

Posted in morning, tired, weekend, work by Tanae' A. on September 28, 2007

I dont know what I was thinking but this kind of behavior has def caught up to me cause I’m feeling it now. What have I been doing that is so bad?? I’m glad you are curious enough to ask. I have been staying up late every day this week like I dont have a job.

This madness started on Sunday night when I just decided to sit around the living room watching tv. Soon as 9:30 hit I decided that I wasn’t tired enough to go to sleep. Well, this has been the pattern I have been following since then. I have been sitting up like it everyday was friday and now that it really is friday, I want nothing more than to jump face first into a deep sleep and not be waken up until 10am tomorrow morning, to the smell of pany-kakes of course!! hehe!! But, I seriously do not know what got into me… I was seriously staying up til like almost 1:00 am every single night this week, and I wonder why 6:30 come so soon. It felt good to sit up late but I  have made a mental note to myself that I will not, under any circumstances what-so-ever, stay up past 10 at the very latest on a work night. The funny thing is that every single night, everyone has been telling me to go get in the bed cause they know that by 9 I am usually out like a light. I should have listened to them and went to sleep while I still had the chance. Now, its friday and I am exhausted and I dont want to go anywhere or do anything… besides, I dont have any money to do anything anyway or go anywhere so oh well… Driving school has to be paid for in two weeks so there is no way in bajesus that I am even bout to go to some fancy smanchy restaurant, these fools better order some pizza and rent a few movies and call it a night… well, thats just my opinion.

I need to suffer the consequences for showing out this week… my punishment… in bed by 10pm tonight… or better yet, maybe 8… now, that sound reasonable.

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