Complicated Simplicities

Posted in friends, frustrations, people I love, relationships, TKM Jr. by Tanae' A. on September 26, 2007

Right now, there are not too many things in my life that make sense. I have figured out a lot of things over the past few days. Taken time out to think and pray and get some things sorted out. Some stuff in my life I have completely dismissed but most things I am totally confused about. I am, however, a confused individual… so confusion is nothing new. In fact, if everything were all too simple I would probably go insane so I can’t complain about uncertainties. But one that I really cannot stand is a complicated simplicity. Something that seems so simple but is still so complicated. My relationship with Troy is just that… a complicated simplicity. He is the one person that can keep me leveled… he understands me. I want him, but yet I find myself running for cover. I keep him at a distance and when I get too close I completely dismiss him. I think maybe I should figure things out soon before I ruin the friendship that we have.

Perfectly Flawed

Just Tanae’


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