just another day

Posted in Uncategorized by Tanae' A. on September 24, 2007

You know how you have those days that are just days?? They are never good or bad but they just are. They’re there and you will probably not remember what you did or what you wore or who you were with because it just wasn’t that important. Thats the kind of day I had on yesterday. I got up and made it to church after I searched high and low for something to put on. I went to Popeyes to get some chicken and then I went home, ate, took a nap, watched some tv, hung out with my cousins, and watched some more tv. Nothing exciting about it. A few people pissed me off, my mother aggraveted the hell outta me, and my big cousin T just forced a smile to appear on my face like she always does.

Around 9:30 I decided that I should try to get some sleep cause I knew that I would be tired even tho I took a nap earlier. But I was in the middle of two very interesting conversations. One with Troy and the other with James. By the time I ended the conversations it was almost 11:30 and I was exhausted but I couldn’t sleep. There was finally some light shed onto my day and I was excited about it. Me && Troy just had the same type of conversation that we always seem to have. There was nothing big about it. We are what we are and there’s never anything new about it. I love the relationship that we have but I try to keep him at a distance and I dont know how much longer that is going to work out. We’ll see what happens… either way, he’ll always be here. I think it was the conversation with James that really kept me up thinking. For once in forever we weren’t talking as a couple or even as people who have been hurt by one another. We were talking like friends. Like friends that had nothing to hide, nothing to be afraid of, and nothing to hold back. There was no talk of the past or the future or anything that had to do with the relationship that seemed to slip through the cracks of our hearts. But instead there was talk about life and school and partying and beer and gifts and driving and things that did not matter. We ended the conversation on a good note. We promised not to be strangers anymore. We promised that we would contact one another periodically just to let each other know that we were doing alright. And then we said goodbye. It felt good, because every conversation before this was about us. About what we could do or should do or didn’t do. About how one or both of us had been hurt. About how we still loved each other and wanted to make it work. But finally, there was nothing like that to be said. It was simple and it didn’t hurt at all. And its things like that that I look forward to.

I am also a little bit excited because I think that I am starting driving school in a week. At least, I hope that I am. They dont open til 12 so I have to call and see if they have anymore openings and if they do that means that I have to leave work early to get there by the time they close. Jessa is supposed to be going to but I dont even know if she is going to sign up today or not. Hopefully she will so that I have someone there to talk to but even if she doesn’t its all gravy.

My uncle is going to sell me his computer before he moves and I am so excited about that but I am more excited about painting my room. Seems like everyone in the house is making transition. In is moving out, Shay is moving in the basement, I’m moving in Shay’s room. Mommy’s making my room into an office and there’s plenty more that she wants to do soon. But I think I am most excited about painting. And I saw some really nice furniture at Target and it was inexpensive so I was like YaY!! Troy is supposed to be helping me paint which is great because I will totally mess up my walls. He doesn’t know that I am recruiting him to put together my desk, bookcase and computer stand too… I may buy him lunch one day in exchange for his wonderful services!! LoL!! Well, let me go… I have the worlds most files to put away today and I might as well get it out of the way while I have a lil bit of energy. Cause God knows that after lunch I will be exhausted.

Oh, the choir sang a new song yesterday that I fell in love with, here’s the words.

Like a shepard, he leads us

Like a father, he feeds us

From the morning to the evening, til the sun rises again

Like a shepard he leads us

Like a father, he feeds us

He is, He is the Great I Am!!

Talk to you guys later and pray really hard cause I’m bout to be on the road really soon!!! I’m getting my car in March yall!!! Isn’t that lovely!!


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