Posted in blessings, church, life, love, ministry, people I love, seperation, Shiloh, sisters by Tanae' A. on September 19, 2007

A few years ago, some sistahs got together at my church to start a ministry called Sister2Sister. It was cool at first but over time things died down and eventually no one heard anything else about it. A few people would say that this was a failure but I would beg to differ. Although there were no meetings and no more sitting together on the third pew on third Sunday’s… we were still a ministry in my eyes. We ministered to one another. We was there for each other, the big sisters as well as the lil sisters. At the end of the day I walked away from that with five great and wonderful big sisters… Tam, Rease, Ness, ShanShan, and Esther. Within the past year or so I think that everyone has pretty much gone their seperate ways. People have gone to different churches, life has taken their toll on some lives, and others are still around but just not as close.

I just wanted to take time out to recognize and appreciate five special ladies that have impacted my life in such a great way over the past few years. There’s no telling where this life will take them or me so I just wanted to take time out to acknowledge them individually and collectively…

Shan: You have such a beautiful spirit and you are such a beautiful woman. I remember them days I used to call you just cause I hadn’t seen you in church in a minute. You have always been there on the sidelines doing something to help out… I love you for that.

Rease: You already know I got the worlds most love for you!! [and your glow in the dark toe polish!!! LoL!!] You are always there putting up with my craziness and laughing at my retardness. You are so real and down to earth and you just all around cool peoples… Luv Yah Chick!

Esther: You are my smiling sister. You are always there to give that big old beautiful smile and even when you dont know you have a way of flashing those pearlie whites and making my day so much better. You have a beautiful spirit and a warm heart. You did great!! Love you always.

Ness: Life has taught us some lessons. You’ve been there since day one with me. You never judged me and therefore, I’ll never judge you. You are wonderful. You are a leader and you have told me thru example how to remain humble in the face of controversy. I will forever cherish our saturdays out and our long rides to New York. And even those phone calls that I’d get every other day… I love you Boo!!

Tam: You were my original Big Sis and you will always be just that in my mind. You have taught some wonderful lessons and you were always there to reprimand me when I got in trouble even tho I never knew how you found out about stuff LoL!! You are such a beautiful person and you have impacted so many lives so I am more than blessed to have had you in my life. Through everything… you were there && I will love you forever because of that… Thank You!

Life takes everyone in different directions and some things we never ever see coming but sometimes we have to take life for what it is and appreciate the downs just as much as we enjoy the ups. I love you all dearly.


Butterfly:: you were given wings to fly… even thru all your troubles and everything else just trust God and continue to do what it is that you were meant to do. You are in my prayers… I miss you

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