all good things must come to an end

Posted in frustrations, hurt, issues, life, lost one, moving on, people I love, relationships, seperation by Tanae' A. on September 17, 2007

I think it’s really weird how one day someone can be your best friend and then the next day they mugg you like you are the scum of the earth. I just really dont understand that fa’real. I mean, what is this world coming to??

I’m not really too close to too many people but there are a select few that I actually take time out to deal with [or maybe they take time out to deal with me] it doesn’t matter either way you look at it. It’s not that I’m just anti-social, but there are always those people that you just have a good relationship with… people that actually mean enough to do more than a simple hi and bye with you. Ya know??

Well anyways, there was a certain someone who was kinda like always there in my corner. I helped her out for a few summers with some stuff and she taught me a lot of things. She encouraged me to stay in school when I wanted to leave. She helped me with my senoir prom when I didn’t have enough money. She was the one that I always stopped by to see when I just needed someone to talk to. So many mornings, I was the one she called when she needed help re-arranging her office. And she was even the one that taught me how to pray… I remember she would always tell me “the more you talk to Him, the more He talks to you” and there wasn’t a morning that I was with her that she didn’t make sure that we started out with devotion. She was there for me and I helped her out. We kept it real with one another and I really valued the relationship that we shared… but now I’m really starting to question her actions because they seem a lil fishy to me.

A lil while ago, I got into this thing with her sister. It didn’t spiral out of control and actually it kinda went down better than I ever expected. I guess after that happened she just stopped speaking to me. I noticed it a while ago but I never said anything because things like that dont get to me. She could very well be having a bad day, or a bad month, but whatever. That really didn’t strike a nerve. But what threw me is that when I saw her this past weekend, I was like standing right there next to her, I spoke and she just straight up dissed me. She literally looked at me dead in my face and walked away like it was nothing. I think I was more hurt that mad or angry because I thought that we were better than that but I guess that with some people you never really know who they are or what they are about until things really hit the fan.

Now, me and my sister are two completely different people. If she gets into it with someone, I am not the type to cop no attitude or nothing like that, thats yall battle yall fight it out. I will not be apart of it unless I really think I need to be.  But, my sister on the other hand, if I even say for two seconds that someone is trippin, she is going off the top. I can just say I dont like a person or that this person said this about me and Shay will mugg them til her eyes fall out the sockets. She will not speak and if she does she will purposely be rude. Now, I have gotten to a point where I wont even tell her when I got even the smallest issue with someone because she makes it ten times worst and I cant stand it. I guess thats why it’s pissing me off so bad to know that this person who I’m supposed to be cool with is really treating me like crap over something that was not my fault in the first place. Me and her sister got into an altercation but it’s cool now, it wasn’t nothing too serious and now she wants to be completely dissing me like its nothing… I mean what is really going on??

I guess, I just never stopped to think that something like what happened between me and her sister could cause any trouble between me and her. I am a lil disappointed that things have to end the way that they do, but I guess all good things must come to an end… and now here we are at the end of the road. It’s been fun, you’ve taught me a lot and I’ve helped you a lot and there are so many lessons that I will never ever forget. You are a wonderful person and you have a kind heart and I will be forever greatful for the support that you have given me over the past few years. You have been a leader, a mentor, a helping hand and a friend and your actions do not go unrecognized. So long, farewell, you are out of my life, for good this time.

Letting some people go


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