missing ministry

Posted in Uncategorized by Tanae' A. on September 14, 2007

it just so happens that choir day and the dance festival are both in October [well they are supposed to be]…so i guess you all can understand why i am just a tad bit frustrated right?? well, since i have started dancing, dance festival was something that i have always looked forward. all of our best dances come together and we finally get to sit down and watch someone else dance for a chance. not just one someone else, but a lot of someone elses. i absolutely love the dance festival and this year i wont be dancing in it. i was going to completely ignore God and decide to go to practice this past week but i know that i cant do that yet.

choir day is never something that i look forward to. i always hate having to go to all the rehearsals and all the other nonsense but i guess there is still nothing like being on the choir in that hot ol all black or that cheesy all white [lol] singing at the top of my lungs and cracking up when we mess up. nothing beats that. nothing compares to that. nothing compares to singing your heart out and seeing a whole congregation singing right along with you. that is like super exciting and fun. but now, i cant sing for choir day and i dont think anybody will understand why this has to be the way it is.

although i used to fuss fight and have a fit when something didn’t go my way… i’ll miss being an active part of ministry. trust and believe, i will be there at the dance festival doing whatever i can to help out and sitting in the front pew to watch every move that they make… and i will also be there on choir day, in the fourth pew singing right along with the choir who i know will blow us out of the water.

how long will it be before i actually get back up to dance or sing?? i think it’ll be a while. actually, i know it will be a while. for some reason God is telling me to wait. for what?? i have no clue. maybe He’s teaching me patience… maybe He has something in store that i haven’t even thought of yet.

who knows but until i get the cue from Him, i’ll keep right on waiting.


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