got me thinking

Posted in be the change, change the world, decisions by Tanae' A. on September 14, 2007

Seems like a lot recently HebHeb has been trying to push me to do things. First it was the suggestion to learn more about politics and actually do something in the community in which I live. Then it was this Jena 6 thing that caught my attention, and he thought that maybe I should do something since there was nothing going on in Baltimore that neither of us had heard about. And now, I feel like I’m kinda getting nudged to do something in discipleship on next Wednesday. My question to myself has been, what the heck does this man see in me that would make him think that I have one activist bone in my body. First off, I dont even like being in charge of things so that is totally completely out of the question and even if I did I wouldn’t know the first thing to do or say or where to go.

I’ve just been thinking about that lately… why me??

Welp, I guess one day I’ll get to a point where I MAY consider spear-heading something but for now I’m cool chillin on the sidelines just chillin out.



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