Things are not what they appear to be…

Posted in back track, celebrations, change, death, events, life && death, lost one by Tanae' A. on September 6, 2007

Right now I am super excited and super thankful to God because the story was all wrong. It turns out that the accident was not at all the fault of the young lady that was driving the car that Brielle was in. Here is what happened. Apparently, there was a collision between two cars and the young lady tried to avoid hitting them and she drove into the other lane. When she did that she was hit by two cars. There was a couple there that saw the entire incident go down and the story has been backed up. Soon it will be revised for the news and I am happy to know that the driver of the car, who is still in a coma, will not have to wake up and think that she was responsible for Brielle’s death. This is good news guys. Does it make losing her any easier?? Not at all. But at least we know that it was not this girls fault.

To everyone that is grieving right now just know that she is in such a better place. Right now she is living a better life than all of us because she is walking around in heaven with God. They say we should rejoice when people die and when babies are born we should cry. I just know that Brielle has been joined with more angels up in heaven and she’s looking down on all of us including the driver of that vehicle.

R.I.P. Brielle, you are free to fly up in the skies and be the angel that you were truely meant to be… you are loved.

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