I Dont Know What to Expect

Posted in crying, death, events, funeral home, good times, life && death, lost one, love, pain by Tanae' A. on September 6, 2007

Tomorrow everyone will gather to view the body of Brielle. Am I looking forward to this?? Not at all. I am in no rush to see her friends and family, I am not anxious to shed tears over another angel taken from us. But I feel like this is something that we all must handle together. I will be there, to show my support, to offer a hug, and even a shoulder to cry on because you can never have too many people in your corner. I will be there for Tynekua, Ryiesha, Vanita, Madison, Jasmine, Martierra, Jessica, Monique, and all the other people that are hurting. I will be there to cry with them, laugh with them, and remember the good times with them and it will be extremely hard. I dont think anyone can ever prepare themselves for something like this but this is what life requires from us all. I am even less excited about attending the funeral that will take place on Saturday Morning. I am scared that I wont be strong enough to help all the people around me that are weak. This has been a very troubling and emotional last few days because it still so hard to believe that such a young exuberant life has been taken from us in such a tragic way. And even as we mourn over our loss, I cant help but to think that Brielle is watching over, not only her family and friends, but she’s watching over the young lady who was driving that is still in a coma. She is being a guardian angel for her and bring comfort and strength to her family. Her mother, Tionne, and Mel. I know she is. Tomorrow & Saturday, we gather to reminisce over the good times and we gather to say farewell to such a wonderful person and we all know that we will see her again when it’s our time to go.

R.I.P Brielle… it’s still hard to believe that you are gone

continue to watch over us all and strengthen ya lovies in their time of weakness


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