Just not meant to be…

Posted in frustrations, mommy, poetry by Tanae' A. on September 4, 2007

On Saturday evening, I was laying down with my sister taking a much needed nap. About as soon as I really went to sleep, my mother comes into my room and hands me two envelopes in exchange for her phone. In my half-sleepedness [not a word] I took a quick look at the mail && just as I was about to toss them on the floor I noticed the return address on one of them. It was from Writers Lair Books. I quickly managed to get up for a second as I opened this envelope and quickly pulled the neatly folded letter from inside. I read the contents and then threw it onto the floor along with the other envelope that would be going into the trash as soon as I found the energy to get up out of my very comfortable bed. Why was this envelope going in the trash?? Because it said the one thing that I didn’t want it to say. I returned back to my lovely nap and when I woke up about an hour later I re-read the letter just to make sure I was not dreaming. And there it was on black and white, this was not a dream. At the bottom of the letter that no longer had any value was the sentence… “If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call us at 555.5555 or email us at thewebaddress@whatever.com.” I wanted to call them, her, the editor, whoever and ask her what was really the deal. They typed up some very professional excuse that pretty much says to me… “uummm, sorry boo boo you just aint good enough yet”

I’m not necessarily mad, i’m just a tad bit pissed off because I’ve been waiting forever and this is the response that I get. Someone should have told me 6 months ago that I wasn’t good enough and maybe then I wouldn’t have had high hopes. But instead I chose to listen to my mommy who always tells me that no news is good news. She doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Maybe some things are just not meant to be…

Thank you, Writer’s Lair for taking time out to read my work…



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