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Posted in contentment, thoughts by Tanae' A. on August 30, 2007

these are my thoughts; they are neither right nor wrong but this is how i feel at the present moment. either you agree or you disagree but either way… it doesn’t matter:

what is it to be truely content?? in life we go in search of so many things and i think a lot of times our happiness is based upon those things that we strive to get ahold of. when we finally grab onto what it is that we have been searching our whole lives for, then we can finally sit back and be happy with what we have but most times that is not the case. most times we never find that one thing that we waste our entire lives looking for and if we do find it [whatever it may be] we get greedy so we go in search of something else, something bigger. our lives become this big chase, looking for things to fill voids that ultimately can never be filled by material or superficial things. so why do we search for things that will someday hold no value what-so-ever?? i read a quote the other day that said “men will go all over the world looking for what they need and will go home to find it” what does that mean?? does this one quote sum up our entire existence or are there some of us who live for something more than that?? contentment is accepting what you have and knowing that no matter what it is you truely could not wish for anything greater. contentment is something in you that makes up for everything outside of your physical being that is lacking… read that again. contentment is something in you that makes up for everything outside of your physical being that is lacking. [maybe you’ll understand it a lil later] this is deep guys.

this is something that we go through days, months, even years looking for but its really right in front of our faces. when are we gonna be truely satisfied with what we have. sure, there is plenty more in this world that i could have and even want to have but at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter. it doesn’t matter because nothing can take away from the okay feeling that i have inside of me. nothing can make me want something more than the peace that i have gained in the past year. no material thing in this world could ever amount to pure happiness. happiness that is not tainted in any way. i could go out and by the entire world today but it doesn’t amount to my nephew laying his head on me and going to sleep. i can shop and shop some more but its all meaningless if my sister doesn’t come in my room late and night and hops in the bed with me. money cant buy the world. material things dont mean nothing and feelings that are fleeting have no value in our lives. so why do we accept things that will only leave us down and hurt??

we are God’s creations… that means that we deserve only the finer things in life. we are children of a King, that tells me that i want the best of the best… and i’m sorry, but a night stand with some dude aint the best of the best. a fun night that leaves you with a regretful morning aint the best. there are so many better things out there. things that can give us so much more to be thankful for. i dont want a lil bit of money if it means that i have to sell my soul. i refuse to have some kind of temporary satisfaction just so that i can say i smiled for two minutes. i’m smiling cause im alive today, im smiling cause i got a love like no other, from my family, my honey, my friends. you take your instant gratification and your worldly nonsense and i’ll be just fine with the day to day things. I’ll be just as happy with knowing that i got a love that no money no where can buy me. i got love that cant be compromised.

i think thats why i get so frustrated sometimes. people walk around thinking that love got boundaries and it dont. love is love. family, husband, wife, relationships, friends… love is just love. so many people settle for conditional love… well, i’ll love you if… hell no. i want something more than that… i have something more than that. and even if everyone in my life that i love was taken from me today i know in my heart that the greatest thing in this life that we can gain besides salvation is love. so i’m blessed to say that i have loved and i’ve been loved and nothing nowhere can ever undo that.

i’m content… why cant we all just be content. what we have may not be worth much but when we are okay with it and we stop searching for so many tangible things than thats when we can really find true happiness. we cannot be content when we are still searching in void places for something that doesn’t exist.

can we all just be content. can we all just try to be happy with what we have because if we truely be honest with ourselves, nothing amounts to this.

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