The Bible doesn’t have the answers… Do you??

Posted in Bible, church, death, decisions, frustrations, life && death, questions by Tanae' A. on August 28, 2007

Is it wrong to question things in the Bible??

There, to me, are so many things in the Word of God that cause people to question what it really is that we believe.

This weekend, I was up late with some friends and we began discussing other religions and who would go to heaven and who would go to hell. The Bible says in Romans that if you confess with your mouth “Jesus is Lord” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. But what happens to those people in other religions?? Do they all go to hell? What about the atheists who dont believe in any God but live right… are they going to hell?? In my opinion, it comes down to how you live. If you live right and you try to be the best that you can be I really dont think that you will go to hell. Over half of the world is a different religion and/or have different beliefs than what I do and thats why I really cannot believe that God, being as loving as He is, would cast them all to hell for believing something different, at least I dont think He would.

But then my friend proposed a question that got me really thinking. I made it known that I really dont think that people have to be completely saved and baptised in order to go to heaven. Then she asked me: Well why did you get baptised?? That really threw me and I started questioning my own faith. I got baptised because I believe in God and I believe that in order for me to go to heaven I have to believe in Him and live by His commandments. So if I believe that for myself why is it so hard to believe that for other people all across the world who have never heard about God?? I think that when you claim to be a Christian you should be walking in the likeness of God, we are striving to be more like him and therefore we follow in his footsteps. But can you really bash the people that are born in foreign countries who have never really heard one positive thing about God?? Can you say that someone is going to hell when they dont really know who God is or what He is really about??

I think it says somewhere in the Bible that before Jesus comes back everyone will hear and know about Him. But, my question is, what do we do about the people that never hear about Him before they die. What happens to the people that believe in a different God all their lives but live good and try to do everything right?? Do they go to heaven?? I think that most religion is all about the same thing, they may have their own beliefs and their own god but I think that it all comes down to living right and obtaining some type of purity and I dont think that is wrong at all. But the commandment says that there shall be no other gods before God. But there are so many peolple in the world that have never even heard of the ten commandments. So many people that have never even read a Bible and all they know is what they have been accustomed to. I wonder where their souls will go when they leave this earth.

I dont think that we have all the answers and thats where our faith kicks in. But I wonder what God thinks about the millions of people all across the world that have never really accepted Him as their personal saviour… I wonder where He will send them when their time on Earth has run out. I wonder if He will have mercy on their poor little souls or will they be punished forever for never hearing or believing in Him.

I would like to propose one more question that I have never gotten the answer to… If anyone reading this thinks that you may know the answer please let me know.

Before Jesus walked the earth and saved all of us, what happened to the people that died. Did everyone go straight to hell because there was no salvation available or did God decide about their eternity based on what they believed and how they lived their lives?? And if people were able to go to heaven before Jesus got here and gave all of us salvation then is it still possible for people to go to heaven based on how they live their lives??

I’m just wondering…

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  1. Jeff Bell said, on August 31, 2008 at 1:30 am

    Ive asked this question this many many times myself & the answers I get from many people vary greatly, no to my satisfaction, and Im a Christian!

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