can old friendships be revived??

Posted in back to the past, drama, friends by Tanae' A. on August 23, 2007

last week i got a message from an old friend and it made me smile. me and this chick have been through some pretty deep water together and i guess a lot of years of issues and drama we parted ways. trust me when i say… we invented drama! LoL!! every week it was something new… if we weren’t fighting each other we were somewhere getting into some kind of trouble, side by side. We’ve got our share of memories, some good, most bad but i guess thru everything that we have managed to go thru there has always been that love there that has never gone anywhere. over the past few years we’ve talked about 2 times, haven’t even really seen each other but recently she reached out. i’m kinda skeptical about becoming friends again but i know that over the years both of us have matured and grown so i guess its worth a shot. there will never come a time that we will be best friends again or even anything close to it but i know that maybe we can go back to being cool. maybe do brunch or something one saturday. who knows??

some┬ápeople are only for a season but some are a lifetime… i wonder which category she will fall under.