we’re back in full effect

Posted in birthdays, broke as a joke, decisions, family, friends, him, people I love, thoughts by Tanae' A. on August 20, 2007

my brother will be home in less than two weeks and i am so super excited. now all i need is for my honey to come home in a few months and things will be like old times, at least for a little while. i am so excited to see both of them, being that they are the two closest males to me. matthew sent me about 4 messages yesterday telling me that he can drive in about two weeks. like i really care. that was rude. i do care and i am happy for him but i dont feel like being annoyed, you wanna know what really pisses me off?? shay and jazzy are actually friends with this dude. sorry guys, but he annoys the hell outta me. maybe, i’ve changed a lot. i just have low tolerance for annoying things and people right now. besides, all three of them together does not make for a good night, you all remember what happened last time we tried that dont you?? oh maybe i didnt tell you the story.

well, around last christmas we all decided we were gonna hang out. we went out to the movies and ended up going to my homegirls birthday party at this lil club. so, we was all on chills at first, had a few drinks, nothing big. then she-she comes up to the table and decides to sit down. i was sitting next to my honey, shay was next to me, matt was across from us next to phil. so, eventually me and phil got up to go dance and shay soon followed. we was just chilled out on the dance floor and next thing i know, matt comes up behind me. ok, everybody that knows me knows good and well i dont do all that freaky deaky mess on the dance floor, save that for the kiddie hoppers. so what did i do?? i turned around to face him and proceeded to do my lil two step. but he kept on getting in back of me… eventually i got pissed and told him to go fetch me a drink, by the time he got back i was sitting in my seat next to my honey having a very nice conversation. i dont think matt was too pleased about that.

so the next day, we had alreay decided to chill at matts and have a few drinks. so we all meet at my house after work and go head over there. everybody knows me and matt play a lot so we starts wrestling and stuff and acting like fools and i could tell my honey was mad but he wasn’t acting like it was a big deal. it was only 3 chairs in the living room and all the dudes had sat down so me and shay went into the room and sat on the bed and matt came in and said he wanted to talk to us so he closed the door… ooohhh my honey was mad. they started banging all on the door tellin us to come out, so we came out and both sat on matts lap… oh my goodness, my honey almost had a fit. eventually i could see that he was really getting pissed so i gave him a lil bit of my time but that was a very interesting night.

now, my honey does not like matt at all. i think its funny really but he was just really jealous about our friendship. needless to say, he’s happy now that we’re not as close as we used to be but all in all he dont wanna be hanging around with him like they all buddy buddy anyway. and phil cant stand him either so i guess its back to the old crew again. me, shay, phil and my honey.

i wonder how jaz is going to react to this. for the past 6 months its been just us three now all of a sudden things are bout to change. i guess we’ll see what happens and work from there. i just cant wait to see my brother… we’re making plans and bout to be celebrating brithdays… lets do this baby.

we are still trying to figure out what we are going to do for phil’s birthday… maybe a tattoo party would be cool. i’m just not for a real big party with a bunch of drunk people and loud music… so done with that nonsense. Better yet, he suggested that we just chill out and have a few beers. i think i like that idea a lil better. but god knows, i want to get the rest of my tattoo’s really soon and parlors charge too much money that i dont have right now. we’ll figure something out.

now onto bigger and better things, what do i get my honey for his birthday??


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