watch what you do

Posted in friends, life by Tanae' A. on August 15, 2007

Yesterday I found myself thinking about a friend that I have recently gained. I ended up contacting him just to make sure that he was doing well because it had been a few weeks since I last heard from him. I think for a while, he will be my example. A lot of times in this life we try to get everything that it is that we want and in the process we hurt people that we love and care about. We dismiss people’s feelings and worry about our own but at the end of the day, karma will always come back to get you. When you play with someone’s emotions for too long eventually they will get fed-up and just walk away and then you will be left standing on the sidelines hurt because everything that you ever had is now gone because you didn’t aprpeciate it. Needless to say, my friend is now lonely. He lost a girl that he loved a whole lot. He still has some valuable friendships and a family to die for but will he ever get the chance to get that one person back?? The one person that loved him inspite of all his flaws, she dealt with his nonsense, put up with his lies, and stuck with him thru thick and thin. And now she’s gone because she got tired. Do I feel sorry for him?? I do. He’s a great guy and I love him dearly and it’s sad to see him down. Do I think he deserved what he got?? Yeah, he’s hurt a lot of people in his life and finally it has all caught up with him. But I still wish the best for him. I hope that he finds love after learning from his mistake. And even if he doesn’t get back with the one that walked away, maybe he’ll end up better off with the friend that he knows loves and cares for him more than words can say.

In this life, we all will have things that we want to get. Things we want to achieve. DONT EVER WALK OVER SOMEBODY IN ORDER TO GET WHAT YOU WANT. There comes a time in your life where things will no longer be handed to you. Sometimes you have to work for the things that you really want, whether its something as simple as a girl or a million dollar house. Nothing in this world is free so be careful and watch yourself. And be careful who’s feet you step on because they could very well be the people that you need at the end of the day.




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