For the 1st time in my life

Posted in check ya flesh by Tanae' A. on August 13, 2007

All my life, I have reacted to everything based on my feelings. My attitude towards one person could be totally different than how I act towards everyone else based on my feelings about that person. Sometimes this can be a good thing, but most of the time its not very good. Last week, I did something and my actions were not based on my feelings towards a certain person. I took time out to actually pray about what I should do and I did things the way that I felt was best and I can honestly say that no matter who the person was I would have dealt with the situation the exact same under those same circumstances. I look back on it, and part of me feels sorry for the other party involved because she could have prevented anything that is about to happen but now I have no control over the situation from here on out. All I can do is continue to pray about it and hope that things blow over rather smoothly. I think that once we stop acting based on our feelings a lot of things will go better than we would ever expect.

I just really want it to be known that I no longer have a say so in what happens because I chose not to. I dont know what the next best thing to do would be and so I handed the situation over to someone who could handle things better than I ever would be able to. Please just keep me in prayer plus all the people involved in this situation. Thanks a lot fam…

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