nnnoooo, i dont wanna grow up!!!

Posted in bills, broke as a joke, debt, money by Tanae' A. on August 10, 2007

Yesterday, in my beautiful black mail box, was to envelopes with my name on them. I often get excited when I get mail… I never know who its from and most times its something interesting to look over. But, that was so not the case on last evening. I wanted to put both of those emails back in the mail and send them to whoever decided to hit me with them. What were they?? Bills.

I do not have a problem with bills. Well, I try not to have a problem with bills. Usually, I can just pay them off and keep on moving. But, there came a time when I sorta ignored my bills. I let them pile up and sooner rather than later these little bills became huge bills that I didn’t want to have to pay. But because I soon plan on getting my money right and moving out on my own, I decided that now is the time to get my credit back up to par before its too late.

So today, I called these great people who want to take all of money. They were very nice, but, then again, I dont think that there’s any nice way to say… “Give me what you owe me now!!…or else!” So, I did the next best thing and I set up payment plans.

The good thing… I will have all of my small bills paid off by the time September hits. Bad thing… I will be paying back school loans for the next year. I am grateful, however, because i know that there are some people who are left paying off school loans for up to five even ten years…and I would be severely depressed if I had to pay someone for that long. But anyway, I had a great plan going for myself. I was going to splurge this month and then get down on a tight budget and pay off these bills at my own leisure.

I think these people had another plan for me. For the rest of this month, I am broke. Like, broker than broke. I have enough money to live, I cant even get a snowball if I wanted to. I cant afford to hit up the dollar menu anymore because I am that broke. I can’t even afford to lose a dollar because I am just that broke… and I know that as soon as next pay comes I will be even more depressed over these stupid bills. At least right now I have 70 dollars to my name. If I was smart, I would save half of that so that next week, just in case I get hungry, I would have enough money to grab a bite to eat, even if it is a measly double cheesburger…

I wish, I wish, with all my might. To go back to the age of nine. And get away from all these bills, that rob my pockets and cause great shrills, I wish, I wish with this heart of mine, to go back when rich was a dime.


can you believe, i went into 7-11 the other day and one donut was 1.09… when I first moved by that store they were .69 cents. I dont understand


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