I cant stand the rain…

Posted in clothes, FOOD!!, morning, prayer, work by Tanae' A. on August 9, 2007


Let me tell you all about the great and lovely day I was having today. I woke up this morning, knowing fully well what I was going to put on even tho I hadn’t picked it out. I could not find the pants that were a part of my original plan so I had to rearrange my entire wardrobe which was not a huge problem. I got to play with my Bing for about a half hour this morning [this is something that I never ever get to do] and because of that, I ended up rushing to get back upstairs to get dressed. But on my way up from the basement I realized that I was starving and so I dropped by the kitchen to get myself a quick bite to eat… what was it?? Some tuna crackers that I made last night. hhmmm good. Then after rushing to get my other pants out of the closet I had to hurry up and plug up the iron and then, all of a sudden, I had the sudden urge to… HEAR SOME TYE TRIBBETT. So I run into my room to locate this cd that I have not seen in months and about 15 min later I find it stuck between my dvd collection. So I hit play and continue on trying to get dressed before my mom got home. I plug up the iron, clean up my room and then I remember that I didn’t do my hair like I was supposed to do last night. So I take another 20 min. to loccate all of my hair products and do my hair and then I realize that I still have to go to the store to break the 20 that I had in pocket and I silently curse myself for spending my last one dollar bill when I knew I would need it for  the bus. I go downstairs, brush my teeth, go back up stairs to get my phone, go back downstairs, go out the door, then go back upstairs to get the twenty that I needed to break to get on the bus. I left out of the house happy [seems like I’m always happier when I rush to get things done]. I ran across the street to get change and I waited patiently for about 4 1/2 minutes until the bus arrived.

I got to work at a reasonable time and soon as I stepped foot in the door, my manager aske me in her nicest voice possible if I could please walk ALL THE WAY TO THE OTHER COURTHOUSE TO DROP OFF SOME PAPERS IN THE FIVE HUNDRED DEGREE HEAT!!! B Y M Y S E L F!!! Of course, I said yes. I walked, and walked, and walked, and nearly died, and walked, and walked, and nearly passed out, and I walked and walked some more. FINALLY I reached these big beautiful double doors and I climbed the 200 steps to get to the entrance I then I walked up the 800 steps to get to this lady’s office and then I walked ALL THE WAY BACK IN THE EIGHT HUNDRED AND THIRTY TWO DEGREE HEAT… and if I ever complained about it being cold in my office, I take it back because when I got back I was thanking God for air like you would not believe!! Finally, I was able to sit in my chair and get some work done at my own leisure. I listened to some music and laughed with my co-workers and even danced with my manager to some Lenny Williams!! LoL!!

And then, lunch hour came. And usually I am the most excited about lunch hour. But someone spoke the two most dreadful words and I no longer felt hungry… she said “It’s raining”. LORD WHY!?!?!? So I stood at the door attempting to figure out how I was going to run around the corner to the carryout place THAT DOES NOT DELIVER without getting wet. And after about a whole hour of standing there I realized that there was no way I was going to go out there in that treacherous weather. Finally, I ran into someone who had an umbrella and I asked with my best puppy dog face if I could pretty please use his umbrella and he told me yes. I walked to Jake’s got my chicken and had a huge smile when I got back completely dry!! I think that now the rain has stopped and I must thank God in advance for looking out for me and stopping this madness before I walk out the door to leave. I dont get to go straight home and that is even more reason for me that be thankful cause He knows I do not want to walk around the mall in wet soggy clothes. So today, even tho the weather put a small tiny little hex in my lunch hour… I PRAISE GOD BECAUSE IT WILL NOT RUIN THE REST OF MY DAY.


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