Here one day, gone the next

I really just dont understand… I just saw this chick like two days ago. She was fine. Nothing was wrong with her. She was happy-go-lucky like she always is. And then we get that phone call saying that we’ll never see her again. It’s still like ‘Damn’ what happened?? Just the other day everything was cool. I just now spent the whole weekend with her and no one ever even stopped to think that come Monday morning she’d be gone from our lives. I just cant come to grips with the fact that we’ll never see her again. She wont be around anymore when we have those huge cookouts. And she wont be there when the computer needs to be put together. She wont be around to ask to see my glasses that I so graciously wear in the house. I’m really gonna miss this chick. Im still not understanding. How can someone be perfectly fine one day and then gone the next?? Humph… I guess this just goes to show how short life really is. Cherish the people in your life no matter if they mean the world to you or not… cherish them cause you never ever know when you’ll have to say goodbye.

R.I.P Tawana… you will forever be missed

your memory will forever linger on

I can see you now… just dancing in heaven

watch over all of us… especially Sherri… I know you loved her


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