y are they so stuck on it??

Posted in love by Tanae' A. on August 2, 2007

I never understand why I attract the people that I do. Like, they are all good guys but sometimes I just dont want to be bothered. And it seem like they are all so damn emotional. They just wanna be around me all the time and I aint for all that nonsense. This one dude that I used to be with was like way too tied to me so I broke it off with him… besides, I was soo tied up with my idiot of an ex that I was just looking past this fool. But anyways, this dude is like on my nerves. I be trying to be nice cause he really is a nice dude with a lot going for hisself but he want a relationship and I aint even really feeling that right now. We’ve known each other for a while so I kinda value our friendship but Im so close to just cutting him off completely so that I can just breathe for once in my life. I feel like the dude in these types of situations, these niggz is some serious bug-a-boos that all into that boo loving shyt… that mess is sickening!! Really sickening. I dont want to be tied down to no dude who is trying to cuddle and stuff… I aint that type of chick. No you cannot hold my hand in public or kiss me on the street… that mess is for chumps. Do not touch me or try to sit so close to me that my thighs cant breathe. I just dont understand… I was sitting at my homegirl house and some dude that like me just starts rubbing on my knee… WTF?? I just dont understand. Am I a lil too standoffish?? Do I need to loosen up a bit or is this like completely normal. I just want to breathe, I want my space and I want to do what I want to do when I want to without someone knowing where I am every second of the day. I dont want to have to clear my schedule for no dude, my schedule aint clearable… its full to the max and you cant fit anywhere in there. Maybe I should give this dude a chance but I need a dude that aint caught up in the hype of being all up my butt… You can hang and go where I go but damn…. GIVE ME SOME SPACE. I just feel ultra bad cause I’ve kicked this dude to the curb a time to many. He just dont know how to be friends… Well, okay, whatever…. GOD HELP ME TO LOVE!! LoL!!!