Alone But Never Lonely

Posted in cancer sucks, death, family, friends, lonliness by Tanae' A. on July 30, 2007

I now have a new favorite show that comes on Lifetime every Sunday night. Well, nothing could really ever take the place of Still Standing but we’ll just call this one my second favorite. Its a new show called Side Order of Life. It’s really interesting and if I were you I would really check it out… comes on at 8pm by the way.

Let me tell you briefly about this show [for those of you that have never seen it]. There are 4 main characters. The first is Vivy, she is this great person who loves life so much and lives every day to the fullest but she has terminal cancer. Then there is her best friend, Jenny, who works for a magazine as a photographer. Ian, who is, well was, Jenny’s fiance, met Jenny through Vivy. And then there’s Rick, who is Jenny’s boss and also a close friend to Vivy, Jenny and Ian. In last weeks episode, Jenny postponed the wedding and in yesterday’s episode her and Ian broke up for good. In the first episode, Jenny dialed a wrong number and it ended up being some dude that she doesn’t know but she eventually ended up talking to him about a lot of things. She feels safe talking to him because she doesn’t know him and therefore she feels as tho he cant really judge her.

Well, to get back to the point of this post. On yesterdays episode Jenny was sent to do an article on siamese twins who were sharing the same liver and were ultimately going to die. They sat down and they explained to her that they had been side by side for so long that neither of them could ever imagine life without the other so they were refusing get a seperation surgery that would most likely kill one of them. For a while, Jenny understood. These twins had shared their entire lives with one another and they wouldn’t be able to possibly imagine living life all alone.

As Vivy and Jenny were at lunch Vivy said something that changed her entire outlook on situation. She said that when you have the opportunity to live you take it, you fight for it. You dont just give up on life because you want to be with someone, you fight, even if its not for you, you fight for the people that love you. The twins were eventually persuaded to have the surgery done because they went into it knowing that if one of them died they were giving the other a chance to finally live their lives normally. Well, to make a long story short, one of the twins died but even after the surgery the living twin said that she felt her sister with her and that she wasn’t alone.

I guess that was a learning process for Jenny. She was so stuck onto Ian that she wanted to have him all to herself when she knew that eventually she would have to say goodbye. She didnt want anyone else to be with him or even take some of his time away because she was stuck to him for so long that she couldn’t picture life without him. Eventually she said goodbye, gave the ring back, and moved on but it was still hard for her to do. By the end of the show she realized that she may be alone but she’s never ever lonely because she has the love of her friends and family even when they aren’t right there by her side.

What did I get from this episode?? You’re never lonely unless you chose to be. There is always someone or something that you carry around in your heart so even in your most lonely times you are never really alone. We all have family and friends that have marked places in our hearts and the simple impact that they leave is enough to comfort us when it seems like we’re all by ourselves. Never ever be afraid to let anything or anyone go for fear of being alone. A lot of times we hold onto people and things when we should really be walking away from it but we let our fears paralyze us.

Just something to think about.

Alone but never Lonely


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  1. Nona said, on December 25, 2008 at 12:08 pm

    Not so good as before.

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