its okay to cry

Posted in crying, frustrations by Tanae' A. on July 24, 2007

This morning, I cried.

I dont really know why tho. I think that finally, everything that I have been trying to hold in for so long just came down on me like a ton of bricks. It was like the simplest thing and at first I was really hoping and praying that my mommy wouldn’t come upstairs and see me pouring my eyes out like a little baby. She knew, she knew that I had locked my lil self in the bathroom just to cry. She knows me, knows me better than I know myself most times. Once I acknowledge the fact that there was nothing wrong with crying the tears that I have grown to despise just kept right on rolling. I couldn’t stop them and so I did the next best thing, I let them go. I wasn’t only crying because of my frustrations this morning but I was not letting go of every single thing that I have refused to deal with in the past three weeks. I hate crying, I dont like doing it. Crying is weakness… theres no need for it. But sometimes when I least expect it these damn tears get a lil bit of balls and decide to just gang up on me and attack my cheeks. Maybe this mornings episode was what I needed but who knows… I know that I’m okay now… no longer carrying around frustrations that I dont want to deal with.

It’s okay to cry… every once in a while

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