Just hop up there already…

Posted in Indi*poo, poetry by Tanae' A. on July 20, 2007

My sister and her homegirls go to this poetry joint a lot on Wednesday evenings and she has been pushing me a lot to go with them. I told her that one day soon, me and her could take a ride up there and just chill out but I also made a promise to myself. If I go once and I enjoy myself and the environment, I will go again but the second time I will hop up on the stage and share some of my talent. I dont think I’m really nervous… yes I am. I dont even like sharing my poetry with my friends on a chill Friday night so I know I am going to be really reluctant to share in front of a bunch of people. I think it will be like anything else in the world. The first time is always the hardest then if it’s in ya blood it comes naturally.

Lets see what happens and where we go from here. I’m excited… a lil bit.

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