are you really serious?? Really??

Posted in family, healing, issues, mommy, people I love, prayer by Tanae' A. on July 19, 2007

Ok. remember them days when you were little and you went to mommy to ask if you could go somewhere or do this and you got so excited when she said yes. But then. Daddy comes home early or she says the three dreadful words “Ask your father” and you know that any plans that you just had are now totally flushed down the drain. Thats how I feel right now.

I got soo darg on happy last week when my mom came back from the emergency room totally fine. I was excited because I was very worried and I felt a lot of comfort knowing that there was nothing seriously wrong with her. So, a week later she had to go to another doctor for an already scheduled appointment and they told her something that could possibly not end well. Now all of my worries are back and they will continue to linger until this journey is over and we know what is really wrong. They are telling us that we would have to wait at least two months to know if this is anything serious but its hard waiting ever-so-patiently for the doctor to say something that you dont think you would want to hear.

Just continue to pray cause right now thats the only hope that I really have. I’m praying that this is something that we can deal with… No, let me take that back. I know that whatever it is, we will get through it but I hope that this is just another easy hurdle to hop over.



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