Never ever as long as you live…

Posted in emergencies, family, frustrations, hospitals, mommy by Tanae' A. on July 12, 2007

GO TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM!! Seriously, you be done croaked, died, came back to life and got sick all over again before anyone anywhere sees you or even attempts to help you.

First let me say, I am tremendously thankful that there was nothing seriously wrong with my mom. I was really worried for nothing because she was ok and well… but I am mad!

On Tuesday, we finally convinceed my mom to go to the emergency room because she was still in pain and we were worried. So we ended up having to wait until my older sister got home from work because we didn’t want to have to take the baby out there with us. So I get home and grab some stuff and by 6:30 me, Shay and mommy were checked in and seated in the waiting area.

It took about 30 min. for them to check her vitals and then we got the news. There would be a 6 to 8 hour wait until she could even be seen. So from 7pm to around 3am we sat around waiting. Then finally they called her name. She went into the back, they ran some tests and still had no idea what was wrong. So they tell us that she has to drink some kinda liquid stuff so they can do a CAT scan… problem… we had to wait for two hours after she drank the stuff for her to even get it done. So we decided to sit in the car and attempt to take a nap [that did not work at all] and then we went in to see if they were ready for her to go in the back. Around quarter to 6 she went in the back and had it done and then we waiting even longer for the results. They still didnt know what was wrong but they ruled out anything that was too serious. So eventually they said they were going to call in another doctor to follow behind them and check things out. We left.

We got in the house around 7:30am and got something to eat… and around 9:30 my mom was in the house too. She said it was nothing serious and they put her on some meds for the pain and that was it. By five she was up and running, driving here there and everywhere like everything was peachy cream. Me, on the other hand, I got about two hours of sleep when I got back in because my body is not used to sleeping during the day. I didnt go to sleep last night until 12 and now I blame all my tiredness on the stupid emergency room that leaves people waiting for lifetimes.

If I ever…. EVER… need to go to the emergency room… I swear to beans that I am going via ambulance because at least those people get seen PRONTO!! LoL!! As a matter of fact… I’m adding 911 to my speed dial… I dont want any hold-ups if I ever have an emergency.




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