Blah Tuesday…

Posted in heat, life, weekend by Tanae' A. on July 10, 2007

Tuesdays have never been hard for me, I usually only have a problem with Mondays but I dont like this day. I dont know why. It didn’t start good and I really want to go home. I am tired and I’m trying to find out if there’s anything to look forward to today and there isn’t. I’ll most likely be in the house by myself with my older sister so i wont go home. I dont really feel like dealing with her today… or no day really. I dont want to just go home and go to sleep. I think I need to be with my bestie today but I have no way to get to her house. I feel the need to go for a walk but its so dargon hott outside… I might just die as soon as I walk out the door. So I’m stuck in this stuffy office and I dont have any air coming in. I really should go in the back and nap for my hour lunch but that would be too boring. I may just sit outside in the heat and try to enjoy it as best I can. What will a little bit of 100 degree heat do to me?? LoL!! Tomorrow should be a better day… It’s the middle of the week!! YaY!! and that only means I’m one day closer to Friday!! Friday is going to be fun… A bunch of us are getting together to eat crabs, play monopoly, and teach Jaz how to play Spades!! Yes…. this is our life.. And oh… best news of it all.. We’ll be doing it WITHOUT Mr. Chase!! LoL!! How lovely is that. Oh yeah, we managed to spend an entire weekend without him but he still practically blew up Shay’s phone like every 2 minutes. Get a life dude! Really.