when friday arrives

Posted in check ya flesh, community, decisions, friends, frustrations, life by Tanae' A. on July 9, 2007

I think I found out a lot about myself this weekend. I was so excited to see Friday and when it finally came it was like a breathe of fresh air. I’m not sure what I really had to look forward to because I didnt have any plans. I wasn’t anxious to hit the weekend because I actually had a very good relaxing week. I wasn’t particularly joyous to hit the weekend but for some reason Friday just seemed so wonderful. I spent the entire day with my besties doing absolutely nothing. We chilled at my house, cleaned up, watched tv, sat outside, ate some cheese fries and tried our hardest to find something anything to do. Eventually we agreed to have some friends over and just hang out in the night time air. So thats what we did. Until almost 3:30 we sat outside playing card games, laughing having fun, we danced a lil, ate a lil and just had a nice chill time. By the time Saturday morning rolled around I was good and ready for some pancakes. And all day long Saturday we did the same thing at my besties house. We chilled, watched tv, played monopoly, ordered subs, cleaned up, took showers, went to pick up my nephew… then we made the stupidest mistake of the entire weekend…


It was my mother’s idea really. She wanted to see her gurl Patty. We drove all the way there… found a parking spot…got lost…and walked a whole 5 miles before we even got into the park. Once we got in, I developed a severe case of people phobia and was ready to go home but mommy insisted that we get something to eat. It was 10pm and still humid as hell and I was standing in line to get some chicken and fries for a whole 45 min. And when I get up there this lil short wig wearing lady tells me that they dont have anymore chicken fries or funnel cakes. No more greens or sweet potatoes… all they had was the last of the fish that looked like it was the bottom of the barrel and I swear to goodness I wanted to throw something at her. “Why wouldn’t you put up a sign so that people can stop wasting their precious time in this long line??” “I’m sorry ma’am we just ran out about an hour ago…” All I could do was walk away because I was really like a half of milli-second from telling her where to put her shriveled up bottom of the barrell fish. I just wanted to go home. So we’re walkin out of the park and I thought back and figured that maybe I should’ve told the other people in line that they didn’t have food so they wouldn’t stand there for so long but I was already at the exit. And soon as we walk out of the gates… a man in a wheelchair hits the curb and flips out of the chair at like too many miles per hour and everyone stands around not helping him. Finally two men come and help him up and the onlookers are still standing around… At that moment I knew for sure that it was time for me to go in the house. On the way home I thanked God that I was not confined to a wheelchair because I would have been real mad if those ignent black people were staring at me that way.

Am I looking forward to the weekend ahead of me… not really. I have somethings that I and another person have to deal with and I am not looking forward to it because it may end ugly and I dont want that to happen. If I am looking forward to anything it would have to be sitting down friday night with a whole lot of crabs, a few beers, and some slow jams… just kicking it with my gurls fa’real.



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