Making Moves

Posted in life by Tanae' A. on July 5, 2007

I laugh at myself for being so dumb at times… this is one of those times. A lot of times in life I never ever know whats coming next and I used to like it that way but now I dont. I wanna know what tomorrow is going to hold. I wanna know what I have to look forward to because if my future looks empty I need to do something to change that really quickly. I think I often times under estimate what GOD is doing in and through me but more than that… I often times get scared because I dont know where I’m gonna end up. The minute I am forced to step out of my comfort zone, I am forced to rely completely on Him. I rely on no one completely. It’s scary. I dont know really what I want out of life and I dont know where this life is going to take me but I know that today is another step into tomorrow. The more I put things off, the more I will be stuck in one spot. And I’d rather fail by trying than fail by sitting still looking stupid. I am not sure where this life is going to take Tanae’ but what I do know is that Tanae’ will be EVERYTHING GOD desires for her to be. Tanae’ will do EVERYTHING that GOD desires for her to do and Tanae’ will seek guidance from GOD every step of the way. Just keep on praying for me guys.

I heart my besties

Posted in family, friends, life, love, Luvli Ladiez, people I love, seperation by Tanae' A. on July 5, 2007

I have yet to figure out why I have friends. Like really, why do I have friends. I just think that maybe I should not be allowed to have friends at all because I dont know how to properly deal with them. There are only two people in the entire world that I probably would never get tired of, well 3 but the last person I dont see too often. But still, I get really annoyed when people who I would say I’m friends with do something as simple as call me or wanna hang out. NO I DO NOT WANT TO HANG OUT WITH YOU AT ALL!! I dont think they get the fact that I dont EVER call them. Who knows. Maybe I’m just not a great big people person. But this really just started not to long ago. I used to always have a phone glued to my ear. I was always wanting to hang out with a lot of people or go somewhere. Now I get an attitude when more than two people want to go to the movies with me. I dont understand. The two most important friends that I have would have to be Yahs and MinZaj. They are my besties no matter what. I can deal with them all day everyday and never get tired of them. But everyone else just seems to irk me. I dont know why tho. Yesterday my entire day was spent with my besties until my other budd*y came along. He just seemed to irk the hell outta me last night tho. Like, why are you so damn annoying?? I dont know. It doesn’t matter who I become friends with or who I grow close to, after while I always revert back to the people that mean the most to me. We all tend to go our seperate ways from time to time. We meet new people or get other friends but for some reason it always ends up being us three peas in a lil tiny pod squished together like clay!! Thats why I love my besties… Plus they embrace my weirdness!