Posted in life by Tanae' A. on June 28, 2007

For some reason, I happen to be really liking Thursdays now. I think maybe because I know that the end of the week is near. When I really think about it… Monday-Friday is not as long as I thought. Monday is always hard because its so busy but by tuesday it’s almost the middle of the week. Wednesday is the exact middle and mostly always kinda relaxing and I look forward to thursday. By the time friday gets here all the negative stuff is just rolling off my back. Life is Lovely.

I am secretly excited to see my brother/cousin tomorrow evening. Okay… some of you are like… what the heck!! Lol!! My brother/cousin is Phil. He is my cousin… my favorite cousin and more like the brother that I never had. We’ve grown up together all our lives and my mother treats him like she pushed him out. He has made my home his house and get-away. In January he moved to S.C. with his grandfather.

The last time I saw his tail was the weekend of my mothers birthday party which seems like forever ago. I miss my baby like crazy and I get to spend an entire weekend with him and I am so excited. Hopefully he’ll be moving back the end of this year or the summer of next year. God knows I need my Phil around. And I get to see my brother/cousin tomorrow!!! YaY!!

Okay, enough of that. I am a lil upset right now. How did I go to eastpoint yesterday and didnt find any of the stuff that I went for. I did, however, find two really cute shirts that are hott. I also went to WalMart and saw this really cute dress that I HAD to have. One problem, they only had it in Large. But me being who I am, insisted that my mother pay the money for me to get it when she already pointed out that it was too big. But she went ahead and bought it anyway and swore up and down that she would not bring it back after I had a fit about it not fittin.

So I got in the house and I hurried to my room to try my dress on [dont ask me why I didnt try it on in the store] and I realized after standing in the mirror for a half hour that the dress was too big. And I had a fit just like mommy said. I screamed and hollered and cried cause i wanted that dress. Then I called my mother and said in the sweetest baby voice ever “Mommy, it doesn’t fit, can I go back and get the other dress tomorrow? Please..?” And she sighed and said “Yeah, i guess so. I should make you pay for it again cause i know you got money… lets get snowballs”

So today after work, my lovely mom is going to take me to WalMart to get the other dress that I saw that was the exact same with different straps. And we are going to pick up my drycleaning, and we are going to Dots and she is going to make a deal with me and tell me that I have to buy my own shorts if she pays for the 3rd dress that I get this week. And I will be super happy and buy her a necklace that will match some weird shirt she has in her closet.

Today is going to be a hectic day. I had my bags packed on yesterday [in my head] so today I have to REALLY pack them up. I will run around the house like a chicken with my neck cut of for a suitcase and I’ll cry at least 4 times. I’ll make sure I have everything that I need and I’ll still leave something as simple as a toothbrush or comb. And I will of course get in the bed at 12 midnight… but I’ll be too excited tomorrow to even be sleepy.

I have a pile of work to finish my tomorrow at 2pm and I’m afraid that if i start on it now I’ll be finished by 2pm today. So I’ll sit here and do half of it in the next hour so I can have something to do tomorrow. Ask me what I’ve been doing all day long?? Top Secret. LoL!!

I sometimes like blogging about totally pointless things so if you were looking for a meaning behind this post… THERE IS NONE!! I just wanted to write about my day and my feelings and my life right now in this moment.

┬áIt’s supposed to rain today so could you pray that it doesn’t start til after I get home cause I didnt buy an umbrella when my mom told me too and I dont wanna stand at the bus stop in the rain. Thanks a bunch.