the weekend ahead of me…

Posted in P.C.I.F by Tanae' A. on June 27, 2007

This weekend is going to be a tad bit interesting… Am I looking forward to it?? Uuummm I dont know yet. This weekend is the annual Praise Covenant Interdenominational Fellowship Conference. I have my bags packed and I am ready to go but part of me wants to stay home and chill. I think there’s a reason why I ended up going without my sister and best friend. And perhaps there’s another reason why I just happened to be rooming by myself but I have not figured that out yet and perhaps I dont want to know the reasoning behind this awkwardness.

First, I must tell the events that led to me rooming by myself with a chaperone. My sister decided not to go: First weird thing. Jaz had something come up so she cant go: second weird thing. Mo’s mother decided to go last minute and insisted that she room with her instead of with me: third and forth weird thing. I am stuck in a room BY MYSELF WITH A CHAPERONE: 55th terrible thing.

Okay… uumm. I have a problem. I really am not looking forward to this. At one point in time, I was super excited… now I am just bummed. I am, of course, still a little bit hopeful that this weekend will go good and at least I am away from my family for a few days. But gosh golly junebug… must I really endure these conditions. I dont understand.

First good thing: With all the events that are going on I will only be in my room to change clothes, shower, and sleep. 11oth bad thing: We are going swimming on saturday, I thought we were going on friday night. Now I have to in some way… do my hair on Saturday night so that it wont be a good mess in church on sunday… But I had thought that maybe I could do my hair early saturday evening but now I’m gonna be up all night trying to look half decent for morning worship.

210th weird thing: Someone, I dont know who, decided that it would be a good idea to have a midnight madness on friday from 12-2 and then ask us to be in morning worship at 8AM!! Did they not think about this first or were they just tripin?? This thing will be over at 2… there’s no way that I am going to be in bed before 3 and then I will have to wake up at 6:30 on saturday morning to shower, get dressed, and make sure my hair is in tiptop condition by 8. Oh, and I have to give myself at least 15 minutes to eat cause God knows I cannot pray on an empty stomach ( thats against my religion) LoL!! Count it all up… that is 3 1/2 hours of sleep. OK.. can I slap WHOEVER put this itinerary together?? They need JESUS!!

Well, now that all of my complaining os out of the way… I must say that with everything going wrong, I do know that I will enjoy myself this weekend…even if I have to go back to my LONELY room to clear my head for a few minutes. I have a flyy dress for this banquet that I am NOT excited about. I am getting into a pool that will mess my hair up DRASTICALLY and remind me yet again THAT I CANT SWIM A LICK. And I am going to be surrounded but tons of people who will let it be known that I tend to get people sick a lot of times… but I will embrace them all and enjoy this weekend to the best of my abilities and I will do it with a HUGE smile on my face and even a lil pep in my step… and I will be sure to kick off my shoes at this banquet cause my feet are going to hurt a tad bit too much and right now I am in no mood to be dealing with standing up in 3 inch heels…

But before I can go through all of the above… I must complete this horrific work week and thank GOD that I managed to get out a half day on Friday. I’m half way there yall!!!