Book I’m reading

Posted in books by Tanae' A. on June 21, 2007

I am currently reading a book entitled “A Woman’s Wrath” and just like all the other books that I find myself reading… it is nothing like what I thought it would be. I dont really know what I thought it would be about but this is certainly not what I had in mind. Although the book is a little disturbing I must give the author her props only because her wording is out of this world. She makes everything that these characters do, think, say, or wear just seem so wonderful. It’s not to often that I can get a book with so much delightful metaphores and so I continue reading because I secretly envy her style of writing. I also secretly wanna know how this story is going to end but I do think that maybe she needs to write about more pleansant things. If I ever have the opportunity to meet her I am going to really ask if she has ever done some of the crazy things in this book. I honestly think that in order to write over 300 pages about something you have to kinda know what you talking about.. I’m just gon pray for her.

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