Father’s Day

Posted in family, father, hurt, issues, life, lost one, love, people I love by Tanae' A. on June 15, 2007

Well, Father’s Day is coming again. This Sunday…all day long. Am I excited?? No way! I have asked a lot of people in the past week what they were doing or buying for their dads, and to my surprise, I got a lot of rolled eyes, sucked teeth, and ‘tsst nothing’. I guess that lets me know how many people in my generation have grown up without a dad. Ok… how sad is that. Although I was forced to grow up without a father in my life, if given the opportunity, I would proudly begin a relationship with my dad. I often ask myself why but I think it’s only because I dont hate him. My father has five other kids whome he takes very good care of. He didn’t know I existed until about 3 years ago and even then, I never took the time out to reach out to him. But, I would pay to have my father in my life for the rest of my life and not just a simple phone call every other week but I want a real relationship with my dad. I want him to know my future husband and kids. I want him to walk me down the aisle on my wedding day. I want him to take me out to breakfast on saturday mornings or beg me to watch the game with him on Sunday afternoons. I want to tell him about my long days at work and get advise from him that my mother can’t give. I want to look at him and know that he’s where I got this funny shaped nose from. It’s not something that I wish for every night before I go to sleep. But how wonderful would it be to go through life with a father by my side?? He’s out there somewhere and to him I say Happy Father’s Day… and I love you for every birthday that you missed. I love you for missing my graduation and my prom. I love you for not being there when I skinned my knee. I love you for not reprimanding me when I got bad grades. I love you for not being the father that I needed you to be and I hope that you love me or at least think about me every once in a while. Hope to see you when the sky turns green.

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