Posted in love by Tanae' A. on June 7, 2007

The best thing in the world is to love and be loved… notice I did not say to be in love. There is nothing like genuinly whole heartedly loving someone and knowing that they have that same love for you. No matter who they are… male, female, lover, friend, parent or sibling. Everyone everywhere searches for love somewhere and there’s nothing like finding it so real. Of course, everyone dreams of falling in love but actually falling in love aint as blissful as people make it seem. Actually I think simply genuine pure love is worth more than simply fallin head over heels in love with someone. Love is all about giving of yourself and not wanting anything in return and when you can master the art of really loving someone you will find that life is so much better because love is the one thing that makes the world go round. So love like you’ve never been hurt, love like you have nothing to lose, or just simply love because you want someone to love you back. Maybe if we spend more times genuinely loving one another and stop trying to fall in love… love will seem so much easier. It’s not as complicated as it seems… Its four simple letters L-O-V-E…

i love you guys