Simply Wonderful

Posted in decisions, family, friends, life by Tanae' A. on June 5, 2007

Sometimes life just trips me up fa’real. I am often reminded several times a day how lovely each minute really is and all in all I can’t complain. When I really think about it, I have everything that I could possibly ever want or need. Of course there are some material things that I would die to have but I have never been too materialistic anyways. I live for the smiles, the laughs, the cries, the arguments, the tears, and the memories. I love the good and the bad moments… and nothing that I would ever have to pay for can amount to moments that make each day worth it. I wake up each morning, not because I have to so much to do or a great job to go to, but because I have great people to love and great moments to look forward to. Over the past three weeks my lil sister Jazzy has kinda brought back to my rememberance what living was all about. We found ourselves putting together a book that kinda journeyed through her battle with cancer and as I was typing up all the information I thought about life and how great it is. Life to me is not about the glitz and glam or the money or the next big thing but to me it’s the small things that make the big things worth while. Whats the point in having money if I cant spend it with/on my best friends, why have tons of food with no one to eat it all, why have a ton of laughs and no memories?? The small things in my life are the most important. God, family, school… the people and things that put smile on my face no matter what. I’m living in today for today. I’m enjoying the present but I’m also starting to look into the future. I want to accomplish big things and the only person that can stop me is me. It’s time to make a major move right now… “Poop, or get off the toilet”…[thanks Heb, that was so necessary] Today is here and I’m living it up to the fullest but not a day will go by that I wont do something to prepare for the future… and that’s my word to myself.

¬†Oh and I kinda made a commitment to myself to step foot onto a stage at least once before the summer is out. So help me out…