What Love Is Not

Posted in love by Tanae' A. on May 29, 2007

[dedicated to all the wack jobs in the world who always be quick to say they love someone yet they dont even know what love is… so this is what love is not.]

love is not just 3 words

that are supposed to make

every single bad thing go away

love is not a joke

nor is it a game to be played

love is not a phone call

every three months

just to see whats poppin

love is more than

a hug and a kiss

before ya pants start droppin

love aint just you showing up

when i cry out

or say i need you

love aint you just sitting back

while my naive spirit feeds you

love is more than

a simple three words

that really dont mean shit

anybody can say i love you

but it takes someone real

to actually act on it

love aint some hurtful thing

that is out to kill and destroy

love is more than what meets the eyes

more complicated than girl and boy

love is not all peachy cream

every second every day

no, love takes hard work

as much work as play

so dont say you love someone

if it dont mean shyt to you

cause those words can really hurt

the one you say it to

3 simple words

can do more to hinder than help

love is not just a four letter word

it’s giving of yaself

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