when I need a friend.

Posted in friends, frustrations, him, issues, life, love, people I love by Tanae' A. on May 24, 2007

Today, I desperately needed someone to talk to and i was sitting here trying to figure out who the heck I could call. I called my sister but for some unknown reason she didn’t come to the phone. I called my brother then I realized that he was a total idiot. So I sent a message to the one person in the world that I just knew would not even think to respond. But he did. Just like he always does when he knows I need him. Just like the last time, when he was forced to push away all the anger he felt at the time and cater to me…again. That’s why I love him… because I know that despite everything that ever happens… he loves me too… he loved me first. And that means the world to me plus some more. I know that whenever I really need someone to talk to… if I call on him, he’ll be there. It’s like that Beyonce song… “I dont know why he loves me… and that’s why I love him. Catch me when I fall simply flaws and all thats why I love him.”

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