death all around me

Posted in death, events, family, frustrations, hurt, issues, life, lost one, love, people I love, prayer by Tanae' A. on May 24, 2007

This morning, someone that I know just got word that her great-aunt had just passed away. It’s hard. I get this eery feeling everytime I hear of something different. So many people leaving this earth. I just keep praying everyday that the people that I love and care about and need dont make transition anytime soon. But the more I see the people around me going through grief that more fearful I become. It’s hard. Thats all I can think to say. It’s hard. Hard telling someone that everything is going to be okay. Hard not knowing what to say when she sits there crying not knowing what to do next. It’s hard. But I’m praying for her and the family. Much Love && Peace.

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