whoa…back track homie

Posted in back track, check ya flesh, decisions, karma, life by Tanae' A. on May 23, 2007

There are a few times in life that we have to sit back and question why we are doing certain things and what the outcome will be. A lot of times, when my mind is made up about something than thats all she wrote… I’m going thru with it. But this one time I slowed down and really took time out to think about what would come out of the decision that I had made. Luckily I eased onto the brakes before I ran head first into something that I would regret. One thing that my mother has always told me no matter what, never do things out of spite or to get revenge. I usually listen to my mom when she says stuff like that because I have seen some people reap what they sow and it was nothing pretty. Karma really is a bummer. But this one time I didnt really wanna listen to mommy and I wanted to do this anyway… not just to get someone back but to also benefit me. In the end… It probably wouldn’t matter what I was doing it for… I knew it was wrong when I planned it down to the very last detail. So now I have to back track and dismiss any plans that I had and I’m just thankful that something woke me up before I jumped into this mess. God is always on time.


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