good days; bad moments

Posted in friends, getaway, good times, help me!!, life, prayer by Tanae' A. on May 15, 2007

Everyone goes through life in their own way and everyone handles things differently. I think I fight my way thru life. I fight not just for life but I fight for happiness and some sort of peace of mind. I take my losses just as well as my wins but I’m beginning to think that I’m losing a little more. I would say that it sucks but it doesn’t really…I guess I’ll just have to take the losses for what they are and pray for something better to come along. Some situations can test us and pull us in so many ways and it’ll take everything in us not to walk away. I live everyday just to be able to say that it was a good day. And I do whatever I can do to make sure that I go to bed content. I must admit tho, that some “issues” are starting to get the best of me and there’s no one around that really understands because they are not in my shoes. I still go to sleep at night happy with how my day turned out because I really dont think that there’s a such thing as an entirely bad day. SOmetimes we just have good days with bad moments but we learn to accept the bad and move on. Right now, I’m having a bad moment in the middle of a great day and I honestly want to SCREAM at the top of my lungs… but that wouldn’t solve anything. So today I am going against my usual schedule and I am going to the movies with my Luvli Ladiez… I need them right now because they keep me focused and grounded on whats important in life. I’m dogg tired but I know that I cannot even bear the thought of going home and getting in the bed cause that will not be a great ending. I need some laughs and some fun with my ladiez and I’ll pray that tomorrow has less bad moments than today has had so far. Now all that I need is for the bus to come ontime…that would be lovely! 🙂


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