Luvli Ladiez

I totally did not have the weekend that I was looking forward to. It turned out to be ten times better than what I expected. Friday night after work I went to Jazz Under the Stars which turned out to be really nice. I enjoyed myself and the music more than I thought I would. We decided to leave a lil early cause we desperately wanted snowballs and the movie we were planning to go see started around 9:30. So we left around 8:45 with enough to time to barely catch the snow ball stand before they closed and then our plans for the movies were drastically crushed. We ended up chilling out, ordering pizza, and talking about everything and nothing until about 3:30 in the morning. We eventually fell asleep around 4 and woke back up to go home at 5. By the time we got in the house it had to be a lil after 6 and my mom woke me up around 8 to go to MVA. I failed my permit test terribly but I shrugged it off cause I was half sleep and there’s always next saturday. We did a whole lot of running around and shoppin and then finally got back in the house for a hot minute. I ate some crabs with my sisters and then did my hair and hopped in the shower before I had to leave back out. Big Jack and Suzie came to get us so we could go to┬áJaz’s house to see her in her prom dress. After about an hour there we went home and cleaned up before hoppin head first into the bed. Of course, we rose early as sin on sunday morning to get to church. After the early service we went to McDonalds to get some grub and then we headed back cause Suzie had to be in place. Church was cool… after that we got some chicken from Popeyes and ate then me and my sisters all took naps while my mom enjoyed the rest of the day at my uncles house with the fam. I woke up this morning tired but well refreshed and I owe that to my Luvli Ladiez. When I left work on Friday I was upset and not feeling up to anything but they put smiles on my face and reminded me that no matter what is going wrong, I always have a reason to smile. There are people everyday that test me and sometimes cause me to go over the edge but at the end of the day I retrace my steps and really think about what happened and why. There are some people in the world who are good people and maybe we have some disagreements and altercations but even in those moments they are still good people and my friends helped me on friday night to see the good in people regardless of everything that is going wrong. A lot of times we look at the negative things first but I’m learning more and more everyday that there is more to people than what meets the eye and some people that are in our lives are little blessings. So thanks to my Luvli Ladiez… or what is left of us… for reminding me to look past everything and see people for who they are. I love you guys so much! Kisses!


Why I love my mother

Posted in family, love, mommy by Tanae' A. on May 14, 2007

Unlike most people, I dont love my mother because of what she does for me. I feel as tho, the things that she does are only temporary and soon enough I will be able to those things for myself. Instead I chose to love her because of the woman that she is.

My mom is beautiful inside and out and there is a lot that I admire about her. I DO NOT WANT TO BE LIKE MY MOTHER!! She has lived a wonderful life and she has overcome obstacles and has still managed to come out on top. She has acquired the strength that my grandmother possesses and I believe that has allowed her to make it to where she is today. I do not wish to go thru life the way my mom did. I can say that I am an overcomer, but I dont want to have to overcome that many obstacles in order to get to where she is.

Today, my mom is a wonderful lady. Her first priority in life is helping others and making others happy. She puts her needs on the back burner most of the time just to put a smile on someone elses face and she rarely goes appreciated. She keeps God first in everything that she does and she prays her way thru any thing that is thrown at her. She has a heart of gold and a laugh that is absolutely annoying… and that is why I love her.

I do not love her because she provided for me throughout my life. I appreciate her but at the same time that is not why she is so dear to my heart. Me and my mom have not always had the best relationship ever but as I get older I realize that we are becoming closer. I love her for the woman that she is and not for the mother that she has become. I see the way that she guides people thru life and how she takes time out to help people when she doesn’t have to and everytime I see her giving of herself and the impact that she makes on so many people, I love her more. My love for her goes way beyond what she does as my mother.

I love her with everything in me and I know that her living will not be in vain because not a day goes by that she doesn’t help someone or put a smile on someone’s face. She is one of the most beautiful people I know and I love her because she is such a caring individual.