I was ready. I mean… really. This time, I was seriously ready to let go. I was tired of trying and tired of being hurt. I was really gonna completely cut him off to never turn back. I vowed that if he hadn’t come thru by 12:00 last night I was really gonna be done with everything. But what do you know, at 11:37 pm I get a message telling me some serious news about their fam. And how could I walk away from him when he needs me?? I know him, I know he wont ever say he’s hurt… he’ll hold it all inside. Man, you never know what is gonna happen in life. Maybe this will be an eye opener but i dont know. Life is funny like that. Life throws things at you that you look at and dont think you can handle. I dont understand life but I love it… and I’m beginning to think that the spontaneous things are what I love the most. I never know what tomorrow is gonna bring and that to me is awesome. But one thing that I dont like… is that there are so many people who dont view life the way I do. People that are hurt by life and never take time to think that maybe things are meant to be. I care about him so much and at the end of the day my only concern is making sure he’s okay. I’m on the outside looking in so I see things clearer than he does. But if I were in his shoes I would be torn apart right now. He’s over there with no family, no real friends, and no one to really talk to… and I wish I could just be there for him cause I know he needs someone to show him that he’s not alone. And with 7 hours in between us… there’s no way I can get that message across to him. I was ready to turn my back on him but then life put a dent in my plan. I dont know if I’ll ever be able to walk away or if I ever want to but I know that even if it’s what I need to do… right now he needs me there more than I need space or time. He needs a friend, so I’m putting my selfishness to the side and am totally concerned about him… and I’m praying that his family pulls thru this and that everything works out for the better. But no matter what the outcome may be, he will know that I am here for him no matter what happens or where life takes us.

Loving Him



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